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Ch Supetas Ozzy Osbourne Ch Korifey iz Zoosfery Int, Rus, RKF, Ukr Ch Sant Kreal Nivago  
Int, Ger, Vdh, Bel Ch Jivago v h Wantij
Rus & Blr Ch Legenda
Russ Ch Gretchen Iz Zoosfery Int Ch Graaf Quinton V Neerlands Stam
Multi Ch Konstans is Zoosfery
Ch Supeta's Enuf Alredi Eng & Irish Ch Supeta's Positively Perfect for Cooley Nemesis Feo V Koepsel At Sallate
Eng & Irish Ch Supeta's Orangina J.W
Jowendys Enuf Said for Supeta Victor V Roveline
Jowendys Strikes Again
Ch Amazon She Will Be Loved Ch Amazon Black Sabbath at Purroma JW Ch Khaneve Gold N Child at Amazon Ch Amazon Oh What A Knight
Khaneve Dolly Day Dream
Amazon Infatuation At Purroma Ch Jowendys Dr Feelgood for Amazon
Gravin Farrah V't Oranje's Stam at Amazon
Amazon Beauitful Stranger Ch Cloudybay Dead Ringer For Amazon Graaf Fela V Oranje's Stam At Amazon
Amazon Careless Whisper
Ch Amazon Sinful Skinful Ch Amazon Brahms 'n' Lizt
Maelstrom Mor Than A Feeling At Amazon


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