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Ch Amazon Sound Machine Ch Amazon Brahms 'n' Lizt Ch Metexa Movie Master Graaf Carlos Vd Edele Stam
Metexa Mcguiness Fury
Clians Tanya Vicians Even's Of Kenjean
Ritlo Kuanita
Maelstrom Mor Than A Feeling At Amazon Ch Jowendys Kilowatt Ch Holtzburg Mayhem
Ch Jowendys Into Jazz
Ch Jowendys Infra Red Of Maelstrom Ch Dizown Street Legal
Ch Jowendys Into Jazz
Keealto Bossy Boots Ch Holtzburg Mayhem Ch Perihelias Resolution Ch Findjans Poseidon
Ch Perihelias Madam Rochas
Ch Dizown I Can Boogie Too With Holtzburg Ch. Findjans Chaos
Ch. I Can Boogie At Dizown
Keealto Lady In Waiting    


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