South African Ch Amazon Pussy Galore of Nusu JW


vWD Clear (By Parentage)

4 CC, 2 RCC, 8 BOB & 5 RBOB
We are extremely proud to announce that we now have Amazon Champion number 29

Khali will be having a nice break now as October is the end of the show season in South Africa but she will be back out again next year when the shows start again.




Ch Amazon Black Sabbath at Purroma JW Ch Khaneve Gold N Child at Amazon Ch Amazon Oh What A Knight Ch Amazon Sound Machine
Amazon Almost An Angel
Khaneve Dolly Day Dream Ch Khaneve Judgement Day
Estridge Double Dare At Tirana
Amazon Infatuation At Purroma Ch Jowendys Dr Feelgood for Amazon Ch Nearctic Nick The Biscuit
Jowendys Strikes Again
Gravin Farrah V't Oranje's Stam at Amazon Danyo V't Nordse Veld
Uv.vzh Ziggy Vom Frankenhorst
Ch Amazon Whats Up Pussycat Jowendys Robin The Hood Victor V Roveline Int Ch Alfa Adlelantdel Citone
Quercia V Roveline
Jowendys Strikes Again Dobermoray April Fool
Ch Jowendys Wild Child
Ch Amazon Sinful Skinful Ch Amazon Brahms 'n' Lizt Ch Metexa Movie Master
Clians Tanya
Maelstrom Mor Than A Feeling At Amazon Ch Jowendys Kilowatt
Ch Jowendys Infra Red Of Maelstrom



Show Results 2006
Champ Shows in Yellow

Beckenham & DCS

Dobe Puppy 1st Marcia Cox BEST PUPPY IN BREED
CRUFTS Special Year Bitch 2nd Rosie Lane  
NORTH ENGLAND DOBE CHAMP Minor Puppy Bitch 1st Sue James  
SKC CHAMP Minor Puppy Bitch 1st  Miss F J Fox BEST PUPPY BITCH
THE DOBE CLUB CHAMP Minor Puppy Bitch 2nd Ken Hood  
BATH CHAMP Minor Puppy Bitch 3rd Debbie Stansbury  
SOUTHERN COUNTIES CHAMP Minor Puppy Bitch 3rd Tracy Dougherty  
THREE COUNTIES CHAMP Puppy Bitch 2nd Winifred Mee  
EATS OF ENGLAND CHAMP Puppy Bitch 2nd Sue Irving  
LEEDS CHAMP Puppy Bitch 4th Ann Gibbons  
BOURNEMOUTH CHAMP Puppy Bitch 1st Ann Bradley  
CITY OF BIRMINGHAM CHAMP Puppy Bitch 4th Keith Nathan  
DARLINGTON CHAMP Yearling Bitch 1st Marion Sargent  
Graduate Bitch 3rd  
Welsh Dobe Open Junior Bitch 2nd Kathy Boncey  
Special Yearling 1st  
MIDLAND COUNTIES CHAMP Yearling Bitch 1st Frank Kane  


Show Results 2007/2008
Champ Shows in Yellow

Vereeniging & Districts KC 21/03 Champion Bitch 1st Mrs. G. Alexander (Australia) BEST OF BREED
Roodepoort & Districts KC 22/03 Champion Bitch 1st Mrs. M. Heystek (SA) RBOB & Working Mini Grande 1st & Mini Grande 4th In Show
Transvaal Midlands KC 28/3 Champion Bitch 1st Mrs. S. Limoges (Canada) BOB & WG3
Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club 29/03 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. Ford (Australia) BEST OF BREED
Witwatersrand KC 30/03 Champion Bitch 1st  Mrs Gwen Ford (Aus) BEST OF BREED
Eastern Districts KC 26/04 Champion Bitch 2nd Mr. Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines)  
Pretoria KC 27/04 Champion Bitch 1st Mrs. Iris Glynn (Australia) RES BEST OF BREED
Natal Working & Herding Champ 2/05 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. Paul Harding (UK)  
Highway KC Champ 3/05 Champion Bitcj 1st Mr. D. Cavill (UK)  
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club 17/05 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. M. Landsberg (SA) BEST OF BREED
Western Gauteng KC Champ 18/05 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. W. Thompson (Canada) BEST OF BREED
Pretoria Kennel Club 28/04 Graduate Bitch 3rd Pat de Conning (SA)  
 Eastern Districts Kennel Club 29/04 Graduate Bitch 1st R Gregory (ENG)  
Natal Working & Herding Breeds 4/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mrs B Watt (Canada) BITCH CC
Highways KC 5/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mr W Crocier (Aussie)  
Natal Coast Kennely Club 6/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mr. J. Peden (SA)  
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club 19/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mrs. S. Carter (SA)  
KUSA Classic weekend 2/06 Graduate Bitch 1st R. Podesta (Chile)  
Working & Herding Golden Reef 23/06 Graduate Bitch 1st Gael Morison BITCH CC, RES BEST OF BREED
Mrs K Nichols (Aussie) WORKING GROUP 1 (Mini Grand)
Mr A McGuire (Aussie) 2nd RES BEST OF BREED (Mini Grand) IN SHOW
Durban & District Kennel Club 7/07 Graduate Bitch 1st  Glynice Senior (UK) BITCH CC, RES BEST OF BREED
The Dobermann Club of Natal 7/07 Graduate Bitch 1st Luiz
Fernando Ribas Silva (Brazil)
Pietermaritzburg Kennel Club 8/07 Graduate Bitch 1st Mrs.
E. Ribas Silva (Brazil)
Northern Free State KC 31/08 Champion Bitch 2nd Mrs. J. Wang (SA)  
Vereeniging & Districts KC 15/09 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. W. Wakfer (SA)
Sasolburg Kennel Club Champ 6/10 Champion Bitch 1st Mr. N. Kay (SA) RES BITCH CC
The Dobermann Club (SA) 7/10 Open Bitch 2nd Thord Bystroom (Sweden)  
TKC champ show 13/10 Champion Bitch 1st Rafael Malo Alcrudo  
SA Ladies Kennel Association 14/10 Champion Class 1st John Kehoe (Ireland) RES BEST OF BREED


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