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3 CC, 6 Res CC

Supreme Dobermann Puppy 2007  -  South Africa



Show Results 2007/2008
Champ Shows in Yellow


Vereeninging & Districts KC 22/03 Junior Bitch 1st Mr G Treacey (Aus) BITCH CC
Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club 29/03 Junior Bitch 2nd Mr. Ford (Australia)  
Witwatersrand KC 30/03 Junior Bitch 2nd Mrs Gwen Ford (Aus)  
Eastern Districts KC 26/04 Junior Bitch 1st Mr. Ronnie Natividad (Phillipines) RES BITCH CC
Pretoria KC Champ show 27/4 Junior Bitch 1st Mrs. Iris Glynn (Australia)  
Natal Working & Herding Champ 2/05 Junior Bitch 1st Mr. Paul Harding (UK) RES BITCH CC
Highway KC Champ 3/05 Junior Bitch 1st Mr. D. Cavill (UK) BEST JUNIOR
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club 17/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mr. M. Landsberg (SA) RES BITCH CC
Western Gauteng KC Champ 18/05 Graduate Bitch 1st Mr. W. Thompson (Canada)  
Natal Working & Herding Breeds 4/05 Minor Puppy 1st Mrs B Watt (Canada) BEST PUPPY IN BREED
Highways KC 5/05 Minor Puppy 1st Mr W Crocier (Aussie) BEST PUPPY IN BREED, WORKING PUPPY GROUP WINNER
Natal Coast 6/05 Minor Puppy 1st Mr M J Peven (SA) BEST PUPPY IN BREED,WORKING PUPPY GROUP 1
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club 19/05 Minor Puppy 2nd Mrs. S. Carter (SA)  
KUSA classic weekend 2/06 Minor Puppy 3rd Mr. R. Podesta (Chile)  
Working & Herding Gold Reef 23/06 Puppy Bitch   Mrs G Morison (SA) BEST PUPPY IN BREED, RES BITCH CC
  Mrs K Nichols (Aussie) WORKING PUPPY GROUP 3
Northern Natal Kennel Club Champ 5/08 Puppy Bitch   Mrs. Leela Rathnum (India) BEST PUPPY IN BREED, BITCH CC, WORKING PUPPY GROUP 2
Kimberley KC 2/09 Puppy Bitch   R. Dawson (Phillipines)  
Vereeniging & Districts KC
15/09 Puppy Bitch   Mr. W. Wakfer (SA) RES BITCH CC
Sasolburg Kennel Club Champ 6/10 Puppy Bitch 1st Mr. N. Kay (SA) WORKING PUPPY GROUP 4
The Dobermann Club (SA) 7/10 Puppy Bitch 2nd Thord Bystroom (Sweden)  
TKC Champ Show 13/10 Puppy Bitch 1st Rafael Malo Alcrudo BITCH CC
SA Ladies Kennel Association 14/10 Puppy Bitch 1st  John Kehoe (Ireland)  RES BITCH CC


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